Trump didn’t attend the inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden but did leave a farewell note. So naturally, the internet and comedians had some fun.

So in case you haven’t heard yet, Trump is no longer in the White House (to the glee of many) and Joe Biden is officially the 46th President of the United States.

While Biden and his Vice-President Kamala Harris were sworn into office in a wholesome inauguration ceremony that had several big name guests including Lady Gaga (and her huge brooch), Barack and Michelle Obama, and the Clintons, there was one noticeable absence: Trump.

Breaking a tradition stretching back to when America first became a thing, Trump opted to skip Biden’s inauguration in favour of fleeing to Florida.

But while Trump didn’t bother rocking up to see Biden get sworn in as President, he did apparently leave a farewell note to his successor (as per Politico), which is one of the few traditions that Trump actually upheld.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what Trump wrote to Biden in his farewell note other than Biden saying that it was “very generous” and that he won’t talk about the note until he’s had a chance to chat to Trump about it.

Don’t expect Biden to chat to Trump any time soon though as he’s already super busy reversing all the damage that’s been done by Trump’s administration these past four years. At the time of writing, Biden is busy signing executive orders (as per ABC News) to implement a face mask mandate, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, and to stop wasting resources on Trump’s dumb border wall.

But the internet being the internet, folks saw this as an opportunity to squeeze in a few laughs and boy did everyone from The Chaser and comedian Samantha Bee to folks with 20 followers deliver.

The swiftness and the quality of the responses just speaks to how in tuned with pop culture we all are and how well honed our comedic chops are after years of what feels like utter despair.

Here are just come of the best jokes to come out of this “Trump left Biden a note in the White House Oval Office desk before he left” story.

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