The charity Gift Of Bread are truly doing some amazing work around the area, delivering surplus bread donated by bakeries, cafes and… bread shops to those in need of a feed.

They also run a weekly Street Food market at Banana Joe’s in Marrickville each Saturday from 10-2, the most delicious fundraiser in the Inner West. This week they will be selling the Rou Jia Mo — or as I prefer to call it, “肉夹馍” — which translates to “meat in a bun” ‘cos the Chinese don’t muck about.

As they explain: “It is the Chinese version of the Western hamburger with a traditional recipe that is over 2000 years old. This Asian delicacy comes from the Shaanxi province in China, where you can find the legendary terracotta warriors.

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Check out the poster below, and get along for some meat in a bun.

Street Burger

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