I’ve never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the home of Bella and Charlie Swan, seems like a good way to go. Twihards, the day we’ve all dreamed of has arrived — we can now rent the iconic Swan house from Twilight on Airbnb.

Turns out the iconic Forks dwelling is not in Forks at all, but rather in Saint Helens, Washington — I simply do not know how I’m to recover from this revelation.

The 1930s home has five bedrooms but has the capacity to house ten people. The gorgeous host of the house has gone the extra mile and decorated the home with cardboard cutouts of the saga’s most beloved characters. You’ll be able to sleep like a baby whilst buff Jacob Black gazes over you.

The most crucial element of the house, however, is the inclusion of Bella Swan’s iconic purple bedspread. The very one you pleaded with your parents to buy you way back in the good year 2009. Oh, how the deep, purple, velvet floral detailing has been etched into my subconscious forever. Wes Anderson wishes he had an ounce of the interior design finesse that our beloved Catherine Hardwicke displayed in the 2008 motion picture classic.

Bella Swan Bedroom

“This house was used for filming in the movie Twilight! Take photos recreating all of your favorite Twilight scenes!” a description for the property reads. “Dine at Charlie’s actual dining table that was used in filming. Sleep in Bella’s bedroom! Team Edward?–Sleep in the ‘lookout’ room, overlooking the front yard, which is where Bella looks out the window to see Edward parked. Team Jacob?–Sleep in the ‘Jacob Black guest room’, located off the main entry downstairs.”

Twilight House
The stairs that saw Bella Swan don the lavish blue prom dress and moon boot look for Prom

Whilst it’s not quite The Cullens light-filled, mid-century abode, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the realm of Stephanie Meyer.

Head here to book, and prepare yourself for a delicious serving of steak and cobbler at Carver Café.

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