Twitter moves to a frenetic speed and if you don’t keep up, you’re out of the loop. The accounts of dead musicians tweet as if the person is still alive. Geopolitics is played out between nation states. Fast food chains weigh in on music beefs. 

That’s why the official Twilight account – “The official Twitter account of that movie saga you were obsessed with in 2009” as the bio reads – joined in on a new Kendall Jenner meme in a very chaotic way.

Last week, Kendall went viral for her, um, unforgettable walk in the Off-White fashion show. Sporting a black leather dress and hat with Catwoman-like horns, her look was widely admired but her walk wasn’t received so well. Languorous and low-energy, she walked incredibly slow and genuinely looked as if she’d rather be anywhere else.

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It’s now become a meme and spawned many, many jokes. “When I forget how to walk off an edible,” someone joked on Twitter. “The GTA hookers when you slowly drive up to them,” wrote someone else. “Me when my mom asks me to model the clothes she bought me,” was another very relatable post.

The best – the wildest at least – meme to come out of the whole thing came rather unexpectedly from the Twilight official Twitter account. “Bella the morning after she finally got that edwussy,” the joke read.

Let me reiterate that: this meme came from the official Twitter account for The Twilight Saga. The last film in the series came out a decade ago, why is the Twitter account still going? No wonder they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for new content.

Fans were understandably bemused by the tweet. “JAIL” wrote someone, which actually received a direct reply from the Twilight Twitter account, retorting “I cannot be stopped bestie.” “Whoever runs this account – phone right now,” wrote another follower, a demand echoed by several others.

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