“The unknown of an individual intrigues me,” says artist Ashlee Bucholtz. “It’s compelling what people carry that can’t be seen. This could be psychological, emotional or a simple disease that’s hidden beneath the surface.” It’s this curiosity-driven mantra that defines the work produced by Bucholtz, whose solvent-free pieces centre on the notion of individual experiences. Specialising in a menagerie of mediums, from drawing in pastel, to inks and charcoal, the 26-year-old is set to unveil most recent body of work, The Underpinning, at Global Gallery in Paddington.

With the Carol Duval Memorial Award for painting already under her belt, Bucholtz is one to watch. Sharing Global Gallery’s white walls will be John Moroney, whose work straddles the bridge between realism and abstraction. His exhibition, No Exit, is the result of the artist’s experience as a rigger working mines around the country; Moroney has channeled his energy into conveying the human experience recalling greats Francis Bacon and Edward Hopper. Thematically based on Jean Paul Satre’s play of the same name, No Exit uses the subway and billboards as a stage for humanity’s shallow pursuits.Both exhibitions open onWednesday September 18and run untilSunday September 29.

For further details visit Global Gallery.

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