Many Australians enjoy complaining about our rubbish Internet speed, compared to the rest of the world (we are ranked 50th) which is why anybody that can remember Vietnam or further back wants to slap you right now.

Still, 50th is rubbish (we’re behind Kenya) and for the next six weeks, it’s going to get even worse with IT reporting that two typhoons have destroyed undersea cables between Hong Kong and Sydney, which will hamper Internet speed and increase latency until at least mid-October.

Internode and iiNet have already sent out notices to their customers, and considering the havoc natural disasters are wreaking on areas of the world, let’s not whinge too much about Netflix buffering. It’s also a reminder that despite the magic of wi-fi, there are still cables tunneling all this futuristic technology to us.

Just as we’re all on high alert for hackers, in come the typhoons, deep under the ocean…

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