Johnny Depp fans recently paid $3K to unseal the defamation case court documents but ended up revealing information in support of Amber Heard.

TRIGGER WARNING: Depictions of sexual violence

Johnny Depp fans who discovered that they could buy court documents for a certain amount of money per page recently paid 3,000 USD to uncover over 6,000 pages of court documents from his defamation trial with Amber Heard.

What many of these Depp fans didn’t know, is that they would be releasing a wave of damning documents against Depp that were blocked from reaching court by Depp’s team. Key points from the documents were highlighted by @cocainecross on Twitter and included documents stating that Depp and his team attempted to submit nudes in the form of revenge porn knowing they would be shown on live TV; attempted submissions of photos, audio recordings, and text messages that had been tampered with and edited days before submission; and testimonies from medical professionals on the abuse of Amber Heard.

The full thread is provided below:

“Johnny Depp fans paid $3k to unseal the court documents just to get dirt on Amber, but ended up unintentionally exposing Depp and information he tried to keep private instead. A thread:”

“Johnny Depp suffers from erectile dysfunction.”

“Johnny Depp attempted to use revenge p*rn against Amber Heard by submitting her nudes into evidence along with information she briefly worked at a strip club before fame— all while knowing the trial would be televised.”

“Johnny Depp actually submitted manipulated photographs of his “injuries” with altered metadata.”

“Johnny Depp intentionally manipulated audio tapes of arguments between him and Amber, and refused to provide any recordings that weren’t edited or altered. The metadata also confirms they were manipulated.”

“Here’s a sample of missing pieces of audio from the infamous Amber Heard tapes that were leaked by Johnny Depp’s team. (The deleted portions are in red)”

“Text messages between Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson in which Manson calls his wife “Amber 2.0” and asks Johnny for a place to stay so he can hide from police:”

“Johnny Depp fought to have expert testimony from a renowned psychiatrist denied, in which she concluded “Amber was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Mr. Depp”. Amber revealed to her during a session WITH Depp that he was abusing her and that she would fight back.”

“Johnny Depp attempted to use Amber Heard’s suspended license as a teenager against her, by implying she committed “vehicular manslaughter” because her childhood friend was killed in a car accident. Amber’s license was actually suspended over speeding tickets.”

“Johnny Depp hid evidence of his lawyer, Adam Waldman, intimidating a witness into signing a pre-written declaration that she never saw any injuries on Amber. He threatened her with “negative consequences” and perjury. The witness testified she felt coerced.”

“Johnny Depp blocked a declaration from his former agent, Tracey Jacobs, which stated his “drunk and stoned” behavior during the filming of Pirates 5 infuriated Disney executives and that they vowed to no longer put up with him.”

“The most damning piece of evidence that Johnny Depp attempted to have sealed— his declaration that Amber Heard did NOT cause him any “specific physical or mental injury”.”

“Johnny Depp blocked testimony from his own expert witness that concluded Amber Heard’s photos of her injuries were NOT edited and had accurate metadata. Instead he focused on 2 differently colored versions of the same image to imply she faked them.”

“Thread explaining why those specific images of Amber appeared edited, despite no data confirming they were:”

“Johnny Depp sealed a portion of his testimony where he attempts to explain that drugs and alcohol have not affected his memory or cognitive abilities. (The portions that were redacted are highlighted in black)”

“Missing context Johnny Depp had sealed about his disturbing texts with Paul Bettany, in which he fought with Amber over his drug binges. He would refer to her as a “lesbian camp counselor” for trying to keep him clean:”

“Actually, we’re not done.

: Multi-millionaire Johnny Depp (who owns a private island) had evidence sealed of him being sued for various labor violations by his own employees.”

“Another unsealed text exchange between Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson in which Manson offers him a “new fan meet and greet girl. 18”.”

“The full text conversation between Manson and Depp can be found here, for reference:”

“NEW – Johnny Depp had testimony from nurse Lisa Beane sealed, in which she testified to being told by Depp’s full-time doctor, Dr. Kipper, that Depp had “physically injured” Amber.”

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