Skydance studio’s upcoming Marvel video game project was just announced to be a Captain America and Black Panther game set during WWII.

Skydance New Media division, led by Amy Hennig, has just announced new details about their upcoming marvel video game currently in development. The game will feature the Black Panther and Captain America during WWII. The trailer provided gave us the backdrop of Paris and gave a few teasers about what can be expected from the game.

It appears that four main characters who are given the titles of king, captain, soldier, and spy will take centerstage in the game. Not much was shown beside the location, some Hydra material in a London apartment, and a heroic shot of the main characters of the story.

Fans took to speculating about what the game could be about, with many drawing inspiration from preexisting comics.

“Skydance’s Marvel project is a Captain America & Black Panther game set during World War 2”

“Which king was Black Panther during WW2?”

“Azzuri the wise”

“Dope, the lore of Wakanda has always fascinated me. Did he have many canonical meetings with Steve Rogers? I wonder if MCU Steve met any of the previous Panthers which is why he didn’t look all that surprised when he saw TChalla in Civil War.”

“Dope asl for sure. Steve and azzuri became friends after their first interaction I think. Could be wrong tho. Mcu tchalla is not related to mcu azzuri by blood. I wanna say azzuri was a few years younger than than tchaka (in the mcu)”

“Steve not knowing about wakanda was always a missed opportunity to me. I always thought that they could’ve made and cap movie set during the war about the nazis trying to get vibranium to make nukes. That way they could’ve introduced wakanda a bit earlier on”

“Plot is hydra tryna invade wakanda, so black panther has to step in so predictable”

“I think it’s pretty raw based upon the comic”

“Yh if we know one thing the story is going to be A class, the developers behind this are so talented.”

“Wait whos the developer?”

“Skydance but specifically the director is Amy Hennig. She was the director of uncharted 1-3”

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