It honestly feels like every single day I get to experience the pure bliss of writing about companies creating plant-based versions of my childhood favourite treats. This latest cruelty-free addition to supermarket shelves has filled my heart with unadulterated joy. MILO has unveiled a vegan-friendly iteration of their iconic choc-malt brew.

Vegan MILO is already available to purchase, and you know that I’m about to go gung-ho down to Woolies with the same energy that paranoid shoppers brought to toilet paper-gate.

“As we know people are looking for more plant-based products, it was time to look at how MILO could evolve to offer more options that don’t compromise on taste,” A representative for MILO explains.

“MILO Plant-Based is created using the same core ingredients as original MILO – malt, barley and cocoa, but we’ve taken out the milk powder, reduced the added sugar, and added plant-based ingredients from soy and oats.”

It’s time I kiss the world of journalism goodbye and welcome my new career as a MILO mixologist with open arms. You know I’m going to be spending all night experimenting with the vast array of plant-based milk we have on offer in order to determine the crème de la crème vegan MILO experience.

This is just another W the vegan community has taken this year. Yesterday, burrito lords Mad Mex unveiled their new MeatFree Monday initiative. From hereon forth, each Monday the chain will knock $2 off all plant-based orders from their menu — which, in short, means free guac for everyone.

A bunch of other foodie favourites are jumping aboard the plant-based revolution. Last month, Cadbury announced that they were working on a vegan iteration of their iconic Dairy Milk bar. Whilst Four’N’Twenty pies introduced a game-changing plant-based take on their meat pie. 

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Amid all the chaos that’s gone down this year, at least I know I’ll go into the apocalypse eating well.

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