Velocity Frequent Flyer has just announced a hectic new initiative, the #Earnbassadors. The new campaign will help you earn a stack of points simply for using your Insta, Twitter or Facey to promote their Velocity system. Wanna get involved? Here’s how.

So how do you become an #Earnbassador?

The #Earnbassador programme is easy as pie to navigate and open to anyone. Essentially, Virgin just want you to spread the word about how sick their frequent flyer program is. You can express this however you like, too – whether it be through a video, artwork, photo, poem, short film, interpretive dance or even a GIF. The world is your oyster!

Celebs are getting in on the act too, and hip-hop and beatboxing hero Tom Thum just scored himself a bunch of Velocity Frequent Flyer points after he uploaded a hectic video of him beatboxing in the rainforest.

If you’re in need of a bit of inspiration (and some free flights), check it out below.