A video game designed for ADHD treatment, might eventually be prescribed by doctors to help manage the cognitive after-effects of COVID-19.

In news that probably nobody expected, it appears researchers are currently looking into whether or not a video game can help treat some of the after-effects of COVID-19. More specifically, the focus of the upcoming clinical trial is centred on managing ‘brain fog’.

Before you get too ahead of yourselves, we must stress that we are not talking about Monster Hunter or Call of Duty here. The game in question is EndeavorRx. Currently it’s being used to help treat children between the ages of eight and 12 with ADHD. It also made history by being the first video game to get America’s Food and Drug Administration’s sign-off to be prescribed as a medical treatment.

The development comes courtesy of The Verge (via Kotaku) who spoke to Faith Gunning, a neuropsychologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York who is a part of the research team.

According to Gunning, although not a direct 1:1 comparison, some people who have had COVID-19 appear to be suffering some of the same symptoms EndeavorRx is designed to target. That issues include a lack of focus and confusion which can last months after recovery.

See more about EndeavorRx below:

“We don’t think everybody who’s recovering from COVID-19 needs cognitive intervention,” Gunning told The Verge. “But there is enough data that suggests that a significant number of people who have suffered from COVID-19 will have some cognitive issues.” Gunning also hopes that it’ll be a more engaging approach when compared to more “boring” traditional methods.

The study is only just launching, but it’s an interesting development all the same, and hopefully shows signs of success. Stay tuned.

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