Earlier this week Wack 100 made quite the name for himself – not for being Ray J’s former manager – but for telling the world that he has his hands on an additional sex tape feat. Kim Kardashian and Ray J. 

Though Kim K’s lawyer quickly shut down the allegations, Wack 100 made it known that he’s not playing around and threatened to issue “receipts” about the existance of the tape.

To catch you up to speed, way back in 2002, a sex tape of Kim Kardashian and Ray J was leaked, the reality star herself has admitted that the tape helped her shoot to the level of fame she achieved.

On Bootleg Kev’s podcast released on Sunday, Wack 100 said that there is a second tape that is “more graphic and better than” than one that was released over a decade ago. Shortly after that little tidbit blew up the entire internet, Kardashian’s lawyers got to work.

“The claim that there is an unreleased sex tape is unequivocally false,” the lawyer told Page Six in a statement on Sunday, September 19th. “It is unfortunate that people make these statements to try and get their 15 minutes of fame,” said Kardashian’s lawyer Marty Singer.

In the most recent development, Wack 100 has taken to social media to share that he has “contracts” regarding the unreleased sex tape in question.

“A message to @kimkardashian attorneys,” he posted, as reported by Radar Online.

“ask your client about ‘SANTA BARBARA’ and the signed deliverables for tape 1, 2 & 3 @rayj can’t control what I NOW control.”

“If I hear 15 minutes of fame again I’ll be forced to display the signed CONTRACTS,” he added, ending with the hashtag, “#TRYME.”.

While shots haven’t publically been fired back from the Kardashian kamp just yet, Wack 100 seems hellbent on proving his truth.

Wack 100 even went as far as to publicly offer the tapes to Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West, but not to Kardashian herself.

“All I know is Kanye, holla at me, bro,” he urged. “We got part two on the laptop. Ain’t never been seen. We’d love for you to have it. It’d be a great personal, private NFT [non-fungible token].”

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