The Living in Harmony Festival celebrates the return of the incredibly successful Welcome Dinner Project, that helped more than 600 newly arrived Australians forge friendships through food.

It showcases the past year of cross-cultural feasts that have taken place throughout Sydney, and its first birthday celebration will focus on the journies of participants, feature moving stories of recently immigrated Australians, captivating photography and memoribilia.

Jumping on board the project is celebrity chef and everyone’s secret-but-not-so-secret idol, Miss Chu, who passions and history align as a perfect ambassador for the event.“As a former refugee making a positive contribution to our Australian community, I believe all of us can contribute to a more ethical and creative society simply through food – through sharing it in ways that spread compassion and celebrate culture. If it’s not about this then it’s not worth getting out of bed for.”

The World Dinner Project runs from March 21 – 22, open from 8am to 8pm. Tickets are free.

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