How do you eat an apple? Probably by biting into the middle of the fruit, yeah? Well, that’s the wrong way to do it, according to one TikTok comic. 

LA-based comedian Matt Mayerle (@mattydovidz) shared a TikTok clip with his innovative way of eating an apple, and it’s pretty bold.

Instead of biting into the middle of the apple directly, Mayerle advocates for eating it from the base and working upwards, which he estimates means you get to eat more of the fruit.

“Here’s a mean and helpful life hack to help you save money on apples because every time you eat one, you throw away a third of it,” he says. “What you refer to the core doesn’t actually exist, it’s the same consistency as the rest of the apple.”

Mayerle eats the apple, shakes the seeds out once he reaches them, and continues on his way. “Maybe now you won’t waste so much damn money on apples. Now that you know,” Mayerle concludes.

Reaction to his method of eating an apple was understandably mixed. Some traditionalists pointed out that the texture around the seed part is much tougher. “You’re wrong the core is texturally different there are seeds air pockets for seeds some times and the surrounding area is usually firm like the stem,” said one TikTok user.

“It just dawned on me that if I eat an apple whole, I leave the ‘core’, but if I slice it, then I just pick out the seeds. so yes this is true!” said another user in backing Mayerle.

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Here’s the kicker: eating a lot of apples can be toxic as the seeds contain amygdalin, a substance which releases cyanamide when it comes into contact with your digestive enzymes. So eating more of the fruit each time might not be the wisest idea. Just do you and eat it however you want!

For more on this topic, follow the Comedians Observer or the Food & Drink Observer.


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