Over the weekend, a woman was hospitalised after swallowing fragments of glass in an otherwise-delicious coffee she bought in Newtown.

At the risk of spinning a woman’s “rectal bleeding after ingesting ice/glass” into a light-hearted game, it got us thinking: ‘What’s the worst thing you’ve ever found in food or drink you’ve purchased?

Don’t say ‘kale’, either, we are referring to foreign objects.

Here’s my story: I once found a deep-fried cockroach wrapped in a parcel of hot chips. I was 13. Given hot chips are a necessity, and this was the only takeaway store in a small village, I was quickly forced to get over it.

I still think about it often, though. Too often.

In this era of Yelp and social media, one cockroach is all it takes to sink a small business. So, in the spirit of fun, try not to name names, just give a general impression.

Sorry if you happen to be currently eating.

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