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Here’s when ‘Hamilton’ will be hitting the stage in Melbourne

In some much needed good news for us Victorians, the hit musical 'Hamilton' is finally officially coming to Melbourne in 2022.

Hamilton Melbourne

Image: Hamilton Australia, Daniel Boud/Instagram

In some much needed good news for us Victorians, the hit musical Hamilton is officially coming to Melbourne.

That’s right, the Ham Fam have finally confirmed their long-rumoured Melbourne season, which is set to kick off at Her Majesty’s theatre on March 16th, 2022.

In a very 2021 twist, the news was supposed to be revealed in late May, but the show’s producers decided to delay the announcement following Melbourne’s coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown.

The Melbourne season will continue with the same cast as the Sydney run, which includes Jason Arrow in the title role.

Speaking to The Guardian, Arrow revealed he lived in Melbourne prior to moving to Sydney for the show and experienced last year’s lockdown in its entirety.

“I was learning parts of the show for auditions when we were still in the thick of it,” he said.

“I feel so sorry for friends and family right now. It’s no fun at all. All I can say is mask up and we’ll be there. It’s tough but it will be worthwhile. I’m sure we’ll all be vaccinated by the time we open. I’ll be getting my vaccination the second it’s available.”

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Arrow went on to explain that the cast has had to adhere to some strict COVID-19 related rules, such as refraining from meeting fans at the stage door.

“We can’t do stage door greetings anymore, it’s quite a stringent policy,” he said.

“Even in Sydney where we’ve had very little Covid, everyone in the production has a weekly test. That goes for anyone who enters the building backstage too. Everyone is masked up unless they’re actually on stage – and any time someone gets a sniffle it’s straight out for a test.”

The Sydney production has already broken box office records, selling more than 250,000 tickets before its first preview. It is also currently the only production of Hamilton playing anywhere in the world, with the broadway show not expected to reopen until September.

Tickets for the Melbourne production of Hamilton go on sale Monday, July 19th, with pre-sale tickets available to Telstra Plus members from 10 am on Thursday, June 24th.

You can read more about this topic over at the Film & TV Observer.

Check out the cast of Hamilton Melbourne performing ‘Alexander Hamilton’:

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