Zuckerberg has spat the dummy and blocked all news in Australia on Facebook. There’s no doubt that The Brag will feel some effect here, however this is a bigger kick in the teeth for Australian entertainers and all of the promoters and theatres who support them.

Entertainers and their teams rely on us to tell their stories and market their announcements, and right now, a big way we share data and results is via Facebook. Now, Facebook has robbed these people of being able to distribute stories about themselves, and market that content to their fans.

We saw this coming from Facebook:

We started preparing for this day in 2020. When the industry whispers turned to stern threats we launched The Brag Observer, our newsletter network.

We launched with newsletter categories for fans of Live Music, Comedy, Gaming, Food & Drink, Vegan, Travel, and much more. We’re still growing our list of categories via a fan-voted system where our fans have been requesting newsletters based on what they love.

This platform has grown to 300,000 fans who get all the latest stories about tours, festivals and artists right to their inboxes.

This allows us to continue to do the work we do with artists and promoters, and also allows fans to not miss anything, or only see what Zuckerberg will let them.

The Brag Media’s publications like Tone Deaf, Rolling Stone Australia, Variety, The Industry Observer and Don’t Bore Us all distribute their content via The Brag Observer.

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