This year’s season of Masterchef is only two episodes in, however, the winner may have already been revealed thanks to some heavily skewed betting odds.

Gambling company Sportsbet shows betting odds for contestants on some of Australia’s biggest reality TV shows. In the past, the contestants who have better odds have often ended up winning the show. Many people have speculated that this is related to insider trading and that punters who have confirmed information about who wins the show place their bets early.

Just one example of a similar situation like this dates back as recent as last year’s season of the Bachelorette. Even before Brooke Blurton’s season of the reality TV show began, Sportsbet had Brisbane based David Garayeli as the frontrunner to win the final rose.

Blurton tried to throw speculators off the scent when she was asked if Garayeli’s betting odds were connected to his success off the show.

“Um, I think [that’s] cause he was one of the first shown [in TV ads] – I don’t think you guys have seen anything yet. You’re going to have really wait. I don’t know how much I’d go off SportsBet or invest my money on it,” she said during a segment on Fitzy & Wippa.

However, Garayeli ended up receiving Blurton’s final rose and enjoying a (short-lived) relationship with the reality star.

So, if the past is anything to go by, the current odds on Sportsbet could be giving a strong indication about who wins Masterchef Fans and Favourites.

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The gambling site currently has Billie McKay tipped to take out the competition, with the best betting odds of $1.90. Harry Tomlinson, Daniel Lamble and Montana Hughes follow respectively.

Sportsbet odds for Masterchef

While the past has suggested that low dollar values are linked to a high chance that the participant will win, it’s important to note that insider trading is strictly banned on the platform and the connection could be purely coincidental.

Gambling problems can have severe personal consequences as well as have significant impacts on families and communities. If you are struggling with a gambling problem or addiction, you can speak to someone by calling Problem Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858.

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