Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has come out swinging against straight-to-streaming films, saying they feel like “fake movies”. 

Ongoing COVID restrictions have led to an influx of films foregoing traditional cinema releases and heading straight to streaming services, including Mulan, Soul and The King of Staten Island.

During a CinemaCon appearance (via the Los Angeles Times), Jenkins took aim at the rising trend, saying: “aren’t you seeing it? All of the films that streaming services are putting out, I’m sorry, they look like fake movies to me.”

“I don’t hear about them, I don’t read about them. It’s not working as a model for establishing legendary greatness.”

Jenkins continued on to address her own film Wonder Woman 1984, which was released on US streaming service HBO Max on the same day it arrived in theatres.

“I don’t think [Wonder Woman 1984] plays the same on streaming, ever. I’m not a fan of day-and-date and I hope to avoid it forever…I make movies for the big-screen experience,” she said.

It’s not the first time Jenkins has critiqued streaming services, as earlier this year she said she doesn’t think they involve the “financial support to hold up the industry the way that it is.”

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Meanwhile, Jenkins is set to direct a new Star Wars movie called Rogue Squadron, which, if only for her sake, we hope remains on track to reach cinemas on Christmas Day 2023.

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Check out the trailer for Patty Jenkins’ film Wonder Woman 1984: