Reviewed on Friday October 4.

Xavier Rudd, Donavon Frankenreiter and Nahko Bear. Three powerful voices in their own right. Bring them together with the drumbeats of Bobby Alu and it results in a beautiful, feel-good, body-grooving, mind and soul-moving musical session.

From the moment Nahko and Medicine For The People took to the stage the crowd became a sea of smiling faces and dancing feet. Moving to the percussion-based, reggae beats of Nahko Bear and his troubadour, a rhythm took hold that continued through Donavan Frankenreiter’s set and beyond into Xavier Rudd’s encore.

Donavon Frankenreiter entered the stage a vision of the quintessential surfer-turned-musician, with his overgrown mop of hair, signature moustache, floppy hat, tie-dye t-shirt and yielding a guitar. Playing a solid set of folksy tunes including fan favorites like ‘Swing On Down’, ‘It Don’t Matter’ and ‘Free’, Frankenreiter proved his famed friendly nature as he invited several lucky fans onstage for a rendition of ‘Life, Love And Laughter’.

Known for his exceptional live performances, Xavier Rudd is a musical force. The multi-talented harmonica, guitar, drum and didgeridoo-playing musician’s skill was only amplified by joining forces with Alu, bringing influences of world beats and a Pacific sound to Rudd’s original tunes including ‘Follow The Sun’, ‘The Letter’ and ‘Food In The Belly’.

Rudd’s raw sounds and powerful political messages of spirituality, positive change, indigenous culture and love for mother nature and the ocean left the audience in a state of blissful awe and admiration.

Arguably the most magical moment of the night was created when Frankenreiter, Alu and Bear joined Rudd onstage for an incredible, goosebump-inducing rendition of Bob Marley’s classic, ‘Buffalo Soldier’. From reggae, to blues, beach vibes, folk and indigenous beats these four guys had the crowd in a musical and spiritual embrace.

Four incredible artists. Four powerful voices. One love for the ocean and human nature. One unforgettable gig.


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