Yoko Ono isn’t afraid to get litigious.

In September, she shut down a lemonade company named John Lemon, for obvious punny reasons, and now she has done the same to a bar in Hamburg.

Yoko Mono has been around for nearly twenty years, according to the Daily Mail, but despite this history, Ono’s lawyers claim it is using her name and identity without legal permission.

The court agreed, ruling that “it was sufficiently likely that an observer would surmise some kind of link between Miss Ono and the bar.”

Bar owner Nima Garous-Pour has been forced to remove signage and rename the bar to ‘Mono’.

“I am indeed sad about what is happening here. We hoped that we could keep the name”, he said of the verdict.

“In any case, the assumption of a mere coincidence is unlikely.”

Here’s the kicker: Garous-Pour is worrying Ono will go after his other bar, which is named ‘John Lemon.’

It’s not looking good for ol’ Nima.

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