Another Friday night on the couch, is it? SEND app has your back, the grocery delivery service is offering Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream for the criminally low price of $1.

Download the SEND App on the Apple App Store here or Google Play store here

SEND is Australia’s first delivery-only supermarket, promising to deliver you groceries in under fifteen minutes.

SEND is Australia’s first exclusively online, delivery-only supermarket. The app was developed by founder Rob Adams during Australia’s first wave of coronavirus last year. The app has consumer’s need for speed top of mind.

Inspired by Adams’ grandmother, and the more vulnerable members of the community, SEND set out to create an app that offers a safe and reliable way to source groceries when needed.

Perhaps the most vulnerable member of the community tonight is you, weeping and sensitive after tear-jerking rewatch of Dead Poets Society. Oh captain, my captain! with a side of Half Baked anyone?

“SEND is redefining the way an entire generation shops for groceries and daily essentials, making it possible to get the things you need delivered in under 15 minutes,” says Rob.

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“Australian supermarket giants promote the idea of a big weekly shop, however, consumers don’t have time to curate long lists of groceries and spend hours shopping.

“SEND addresses this gap in the market by making it possible to get what you need when it comes to mind, removing the element of planning ahead.”