1. Growing Up 

My childhood pretty much happened around a turntable made by a Czechoslovakian company called Tesla (not that Tesla). Pivotal records were Marsha Hunt, Pink Floyd, Stravinsky and a best of The Beatles – the Soviet edition.


2. Inspirations

I’m inspired in equal measures by early electronica (Raymond Scott, Daphne Oram), minimal wave (Das Ding), ’90s techno (Basic Channel) – everything that has an edge to it; something provocative, something evocative, and a bit of attitude.


3. Your Crew

I’ve just started my own label, Fizic, focusing on my own output. It’s a solo affair but it wouldn’t exist without the team effort from Word And Sound, my distributor, and everyone else involved in the operation. 


4. The Music You Make And Play

I make music easily filed under techno, but with a few quirks. Most techno is pretty weird right now though, so I don’t feel very lonely. In my sets I go for material that’s both hypnotic and engaging. I’m feeling the output on L.I.E.S., Opal Tapes, a lot of loopy, anonymous techno, and everything from Prince Of Denmark.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now 

I think dance music is at its healthiest, and also its most vulnerable. It should be aware of its history, but also stay away from being self-referential to keep progressing.

Cosmin TRG will be appearing at Holeandcorner 2014 alongside Hot Chip DJs, Matthew Dear, Guy J, Xosar and more at Home Nightclub on Sunday June 8, tickets through Moshtix.

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