Still riding high on the release of her debutComfort, Maya Jane Coles hasn’t put a foot wrong since.

With nods from her peers, strings of sold-out shows and highly coveted residencies, Coles has most certainly arrived. Now, as she helms the 75th Fabric mix, Coles stretches a creative muscle or two and manages to create a world you just don’t want to leave.

Swirling thick slabs of melodic house with driving techno elements, Coles keeps it dark, eclectic and deep. Trus’me’s ‘Somebody’ pushes things off to a punchy start, while Paul Woolford’s ‘Erotic Discourse’ (Dense & Pika Remix) gurgles and throbs its way to a dizzying crescendo the way only good techno can.

Coles keeps everything cohesive, and each track that features here has been meticulously selected to enhance the journey she’s paved for us.

If you’re looking for the trip-hop tinged, pop-leaning influences that appear all throughout Comfort, you’ve come to the wrong place, although the addition of her own unreleased track ‘Premonition’ has Coles’ unmistakable, bewitching sonic stamp all over it.

It’s a mix that will have both the chin-strokers and partygoers falling over themselves. Forget about life for an hour and lose yourself in Fabric 75.


Fabric 75 is out now through Fabric Records.

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