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The Brag #729

sydney eats

A picture of a cheese pizza from Domino's

Looks like Domino’s will be introducing vegan cheese to their pizzas

If you’re still reeling over the shock news that Australia’s own money isn’t vegan, and if you’re still jealous of those lucky Finns who get to indulge in a McVegan burger, then it looks like you might finally have some good news on the horizon, as Domino’s get ready to...

Peanut butter gelato

Australia’s first peanut butter dessert bar opens in Leichhardt

161 Norton Street, Leichhardt might just be an address to you at the moment, but it is soon to become the location on your new mecca, as The Peanut Butter Bar opened at that exact address last Thursday. Leaning into the peanut butter equals protein, protein equals strength theme, the...


The Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park are on now (well, tonight)

October is Good Food Month in Sydney, which is a much more civilised and delicious way to spend the month than Oktoberfest, if this is a competition. (And it is. Everything is) The highlight of Good Food Month is the Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park, where over thirty vendors...

Dougie, the pizza boy

Let’s revisit those Aussie fast food ads from the ’90s, why don’t we?

Ahhh, the 1990s. Back when margarine was good for you, and butter was bad. When carbs were necessary and kale simply wasn’t a word. When Dougie The Pizza Boy reigned supreme, and KFC didn’t feel the need to hide the word “fried” from their customers. When “all you can eat”...

A vegan meal at Yulli's in Sydney

The 5 best vegan restaurants in Sydney, reviewed by Lime Cordiale

Sydney has fast become a hot spot for some seriously delicious restaurants for vegans and vegetarians, and few people know the lay of the land better than Sydney indie-pop champs (and dedicated vegos) Lime Cordiale, who stopped eating meat around the same time they started releasing music. From the fanciest...


Maccas are giving away free cheeseburgers all day

DISCLAIMER: McDonald’s are an evil, multi-national corporation who have systemically and single-handedly caused much environmental, emotional, and existentialist damage. However, free cheeseburgers are free cheeseburgers, and if McDonald’s are going to invent something named National Cheeseburger Day, and use this invented day to give away cheeseburgers, then who are we...

Seb Gee, Richard Prout and Jessica Duncan of Kid Kyoto

Sydney is getting a new restaurant inspired by ’90s alt-rock greats

Undoubtedly, one of the things that can make or break a restaurant experience is the atmosphere. The food can be amazing, but if the atmosphere is poor, you’re going to have a pretty disappointing time. Thankfully, Kid Kyoto is coming to the rescue, promising to deliver a brilliant dining experience...

ninja turtles pizza tmnt

Domino’s vs. Pizza Hut gets real: Domino’s are giving away 10,001 pizzas from this arvo

Oh man. We called it. 2017 is, indeed, shaping up to be the year of the Australian Pizza Wars. First, Domino’s Australia announced that in order to continue letting their menu evolve with these crazy, gluten-hating times, they would be discontinuing a range of pizzas – including one of the...

vegetables indoor gardening city of sydney

Learn to grow your own food, even in the city, even in your shitty apartment

Humans stacked in boxes, surrounded by concrete and convenience stores, can often feel an incredible disconnect with nature, especially when it comes to the planting, tending, and growth-cycle of the food they eat. While community gardens and food co-ops can help bridge that gap, the very best way to feel...

teenage mutant ninja turtles pizza

Pizza Hut are giving away 10,000 free Margherita pizzas this weekend to spite Domino’s

2017 will be known as the year that the pizza wars took over Australia. On Monday, Domino’s announced they would be discontinuing a range of pizzas, including the ol’ classic, the Margherita. “It’s like any business, if pizzas don’t sell, they get deleted,” Domino’s chief executive Don Meij told