In part one, we searched the Sydney CBD and inner city to find the best cup of coffee in each part of town. But the search for that perfect cup of joe is never really over, is it? So now we spiral outwards to the Lower North Shore and Balmain area.

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The Hunter Works 7/332 Darling St

Rich single origin from the Huehuetenango region in Guatemala brings out some strong, fruity flavours. Consistency is king here. Tucked away in a quiet arcade, the boys serve their Reuben Hills alongside brilliant bagel combinations. The customer service is top-notch.


Euforia Espresso 58 Darling St

A local hideaway that’s sporting some dark currant flavours in their cup. Blended on site.


Pompidou 3/48 Alfred St

This is a great spot for a weekday brew. There’s not a heap going on in Milsons Point (surprisingly) but this place hits the mark. The milk coffees shine here.


Bay Ten Espresso 10 Middlemiss St (pictured above)

Serving Honduran espresso from Sydney favourite White Horse. Full, roasted chestnut flavours with a hint of sweetness.


Indulgent Sage 165 Blues Point Rd

This place has gotten a bad wrap because of its fairly overpriced food on a street where competition is king. But the coffee is the best on Blues Point Road. Campos blend, nutty, drink-it-like-it’s water type coffee. But if you want brunch, head down the road to Piato’s.


Walker & Jones Walker St

A short stop for the discerning North Sydney-sider: here, service is quick and the espresso is very nutty. Grab a bagel on your way out.


Botanica 61A Bay Rd

Botanica is a haven for the young families of Waverton, with funky decor and an overgrown garden feel. The coffee is fair quality, but stay for the bacon and egg rolls. An honourable mention goes to the newly opened Third Rail across the road, where the cold drip is especially tasty on a hot day.


4 Beans Co 123C Greenwich Rd

Greenwich is another suburb that doesn’t have a huge number of cafes vying for your attention, but when 4 Beans opened, the locals breathed a sigh of relief. Up until then, the best place to grab a coffee was the fish and chips shop down the road, which had invested in an espresso machine. 4 Beans does Campos, does it right, and does it every time. Plus, the brunch menu is legendary. A cool, whitewashed vibe indoors.


Cavalier Specialty Coffee 1/34 Oxley St

This place has stormed to the top of the Sydney coffee scene in the last 12 months, taking the crown away from Bean Drinking for best drop in the area. Cavalier takes gourmet, fine dining, and the cappuccino and rolls it all together into an affordable, Instagrammable morning. The coffee is exceptional. Try a $15 tableside pour-over or any of the cold brew offerings.


Cream Espresso 292 Willoughby Rd

Brewing beans from Morgan’s Coffee Roasters, Cream caters to a sweeter palate, and is best suited to the piccolo or macchiato to bring out more of the flavour spectrum. Consistently great coffee tucked away on Willoughby Road.

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