Welcome back to the BRAG’s ongoing list of the best place to find a cup of joe in your locale, so that you can be that person who throws a fine-tuned judging eye at passers-by drinking 7-Eleven coffee, no matter where in Sydney you are. Last week we ventured over the bridge, and, continuing our spiral outwards, today we’ll cover the Eastern Suburbs – the land of Range Rovers, money and foliage.

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Spicer Shop 2/128 Queen St

The coffee here is on point and they are big fans of the macchiato. There’s homemade bread and nut milk on the menu.


Little Me 191 Bronte Rd

Two words: Messina affogato. Need I say more? Yes? OK, then: they make an amazing pour-over.


Little Jean 1/1 Kiaora Rd

A single origin blend makes this place feel like a home away from home. It’s a full-bodied, rich and creamy cup that is consistently excellent, even when the cafe is rushed.


Sugarloaf Espresso 2/95 O’Sullivan Rd

Look, the service here might take a while, but that’s only because this place is constantly full of appreciative caffeine addicts. The blend is rich and fruity, with hints of cinnamon, and the milk is always beautifully textured. A pleasant stop on your walk to Point Piper.


The Trail 34 New South Head Rd

To have an unpretentious cafe in the Eastern Suburbs is nothing short of a miracle, but The Trail serves up a stellar shot with gorgeous baked goods, and no frills or fancy-frees. Little Marionette coffee is always a winner in my books.


bRu Coffee Bondi 101 Brighton Blvd

This small, slightly cluttered hideaway has won my heart for best joe in Bondi – and that’s a competitive title. Seeing the stacked Allpress takeaway cups is always a good sign for me that the coffee is going to be great, but this place blew expectations out of the water. I ordered a flat white and drank it in about ten seconds. No acidity, no aftertaste – just amazing, nutty, hearty coffee. And the folks here are excellent.


M Deli Cafe 32 Fletcher St

There’s not a whole heap of choice in the coffees in Tamarama, but this place really is decent. You’re better off going up to Bondi if you have the time, but the ladies here are lovely and the coffee is strong.


TopHat Coffee Merchants 315 Clovelly Rd

I’m a huge fan of speciality, single origin sourced coffee, and the folks here at TopHat are keen to tell you all about theirs. Obviously this place serves up the best pull around, but something about their Colombian bean is extra special, and changes every time you drink it. The first flat white I had here tasted of hazelnut, but now I’m detecting dark berry and honey flavours. So if intrigue is your thing, head for TopHat. Then head to the beach.


The Diver Cafe 250 Arden St

Another great delivery of Little Marionette: the baristas here are exceptionally attentive to personal taste, promising a complimentary coffee if it’s not to your liking. Dark and strong, but very tasty.


The Lion and Buffalo 199-203 Malabar Rd

[Pictured above]

I had a chat with one of the baristas here as he made my flat white, and laughed so hard I ended up choking. Apart from that wonderful experience, I can’t recommend the coffee here highly enough. The locals are fiercely loyal and it’s easy to see why. Smooth and easy to drink.

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