Any countdown of the best coffees in the Inner West is sure to provoke a lot of debate. With more cafes per capita than almost anywhere else in Australia, we can all agree on one thing: the Inner West has a latte to offer (sorry).

Regardless of whether you’re after a quick espresso as you dart out of your Marrickville terrace, or you’d prefer a leisurely long black in Camperdown, you’re going to be satisfied wherever you end up. Bad coffees get shunned out of town in the Inner West – and so they should be. But in the spirit of our suburb-by-suburb countdown of the 50 best coffees in Sydney, you can find our hot tips.

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Campos Coffee 193 Missenden Rd

It seems obvious, but after trialling every cup in Newtown, there’s still nothing that comes close to a nutty cup of Campos brewed by the expert (degree-qualified!) Campos legends. This place deserves its success.


Store Espresso 17 Fowler St

This one will be controversial, but honestly, I’ve never had a bad cup here. Mecca beans are dark and chocolatey and heaven on a rainy day. It’s tough to get a seat, but grab a takeaway and sit on the grass across the road. A perfect Saturday morning.


Papercup Cafe 157-161 Cambridge St

A great little spot serving up Single Origin, so you know you can’t lose. Expect a more mild flavour that’s very drinkable and leaves a caramel/butterscotch taste on the tongue. Excellent brunch options too.


Aslan Coffee Roasters 1 Council St

With beans sourced from Indonesia and a roasting machine in-house, this place knows how to handle a cup. Enjoy dark, melty moments with an espresso, and an extremely chilled vibe in the room.


Naked Brew 110 Swanson St
With coffee by Five Senses, this place is seriously underrated and deserves more attention. Erskineville is saturated with great little spots but this one deserves the crown. Apart from an exceptional tasting pull, it also does a sticky chai latte which, dear God, I recommend.


Double Roasters 199 Victoria Rd

Despite Coffee Alchemy consistently taking the crown for the Marrickville folk, they’ve been outdone in 2017. Double Roasters is a great cafe, and the coffee is well made, with an earthy taste, and well balanced, possibly due to a lighter roast.


Wolf And Stone 244 Wardell Rd

A new face in DH, this place is starting to earn its stripes. Honestly, there’s not a lot of competition for great coffee around here, so if W&S continues serving up a consistently tasty cup, it’ll keep the crown for a good long while. Great mochas, too (if you’re that way inclined).


The Tiny Giant 110 Audley St

This place honestly does better Campos than Campos. Although the baristas look like they don’t want to be there, they serve up a quality coffee.


Ragamuffin 157 Norton St

Everyone seems to come here for the muffins, obviously, but no-one is talking about the seriously unbelievable coffee that is being made here. I’ll hasten to say that this place goes in my top five of the whole Inner West.


Garçon The Tramsheds

The Tramsheds are home to this wonderful place, boasting the chocolately, honey notes of Little Marionette coffee that we have come to know and love. The French/Australian-themed cafe serves up a consistently delightful cup, and the folks are just lovely.

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