Velvet Underground frontman and New York rock visionary Lou Reed has died, aged 71.

The hugely influential singer and guitarist was renowned for his work in the 1960s with the Velvet Underground, who were regular collaborators with pop artist Andy Warhol and remain cited as one of the most influential bands in modern rock.

Reed was born in Brooklyn in 1942, and attended Syracuse University before moving to New York City where he met Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale.

Leaving the band in 1970, Reed went on to forge a successful career as a solo artist, peaking with his second solo album, Transformer. Produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson, the 1972 release included defining cuts ‘Perfect Day’ and ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.

Reed’s cause of death is yet to be officially confirmed, but in May 2013 he underwent a liver transplant following a long history of drug and alcohol use.

He is survived by his wife, Laurie Anderson, also a long-term collaborator.

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