It’s your worst nightmare, the terrible cliché. You spend $30 on copping that long-desired Uber Eats. Only, it comes with a few too many chips missing. Or, maybe no chips at all.

You jump online, rant about your poor delivery experience and maybe score a discount for next time. But why are there just so many problems with online food delivery? And why are those chips always missing?

Maybe, it comes down to that sneaky driver of yours, as US Foods has revealed. The American food organisation conducted a study recently, surveying 500 delivery drivers from across the United States. Shockingly to some, it turns out of those 500, 28 per cent of those drivers have conceded now and again they’ll refuel [and steal our food] on the job.

This doesn’t come with particularly good news for customers, who, unfortunately aren’t afforded any protections when it comes to their food delivery. There’s currently no great god here to protect our hunger and stop these drivers in their tracks.

Perhaps one way we could put a stop to this would be to introduce tamper-sensitive labelling/packaging on our products. But, sadly, it doesn’t seem that there are any options to tackle this matter hitting our stores anytime soon.

It could be for this exact reason that restaurants are beginning to ditch delivery services like Uber Eats, in order to don the authentic in-restaurant experience.

Does this mean we should just put up with our UberTheft which seems to be going down way too often? Well, no! If you fall victim to half-full chips, and a lemonade that’s definitely missing a few hundred millilitres, speak up.

Chuck in a refund request on the ASAP, and maybe, just maybe, after a few deliveries you’ll finally get that full serve of chips you were after.

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