Abbie Chatfield has never been shy about talking sex – and she’s now revealed there is one act she’s “really bad at”.

Speaking to adult performer Charlotte Starr on her It’s A Lot podcast, Abbie spilled that she’s previously considered hiring a sex worker to work on her cunnilingus skills.

“I am bi, right? But I am really bad at eating pussy,” Abbie explained to Charlotte in their chat.

“So I was thinking about getting a sex worker to have sex with her and just do a learning experience.”

Charlotte then replied that she had never really heard of someone enlisting the help of a sex worker in order to better their skills in the bedroom.

She also recently spoke of how she’s been “turned off” porn due to its male-dominated nature.

“Recently it just hasn’t been hitting the mark for me,” she said on her TV series Abbie Chats, adding that she had been “thinking about the ethics, how male-oriented it is and also how women are perceived” in porn.

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The admission comes following Abbie revealing last month that she’s having a “really hard time with [her] libido” and hadn’t had relations with partner Konrad Bien “in three weeks”

She added that she hasn’t felt like getting frisky of late due to her hectic work commitments, simply saying she “can’t be fucked”.

“I can’t be fucked and also my UTI issues. I can’t be bothered with this, like I don’t have time to have a UTI. I’m not sleeping, I’m not eating,” she said.

In true Abbie Chatfield style, the reality star also took to Instagram this week to apologise to a fan for accidentally ignoring them after they asked her to sign their Vush vibrator during the filming of The Masked Singer.

Chatfield, who is a host of the reality show The Masked Singer, explained that her boyfriend Konrad Bien alerted her to the fact that the fan asked for an autograph on Abbie’s signature sex toy while filming the show.

“Konrad just told me something really fucked up, so if this was you can you please DM me and let me know,” she began. “So what happened was on Saturday at the filming of The Masked Singer apparently someone asked me in our break [when I was] sitting at the panel… someone asked me to sign their Vush. And I didn’t know that happened.

“I obviously would have done it and obviously, I would have spoken to you.”

She added, “I definitely didn’t hear you because when we’re on the panel, you have to yell for us to hear you… I feel fucking bad now. I feel, sick about it because I would have chatted to you and signed whatever you wanted me to sign.”

“I’m so sorry. I would fucking sign that, I just was out of it or something, or I had someone in my ear talking to me. I don’t know. Whatever it was, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Abbie asked for the fan to contact her directly and offered to send them an apology video to make up for it. And, her social media call-out worked, as the reality TV judge later revealed that the fan had contacted her directly.

“We found her,” Abbie told her followers. “She’s coming to the finale [of The Masked Singer] so I can sign it. Then all is restored.”

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