A young activist has claimed he was detained by police after he attempted to make a TikTok of himself asking Prime Minister Scott Morrison a question at a pub.

The PM was at the pub in Penrith for what he told 20-year-old Adisen Wright was a private function. Wright first asked Morrison if he could take a quick photo with him. “Are you from the press pack?,” Morrison queried.

Wright then attempted to ask him a question about his response to the bushfires in the area. That’s when Morrison’s attitude towards him changed when he realised Wright was continuing to record. After telling him that the media weren’t allowed in the venue, Morrison swiftly walked away from Wright in the middle of their conversation.

Realising that his opportunity was slipping away, Wright raised his voice and asked his question to the retreating Morrison anyway. “Across the river here people lost their houses and they were burnt,” he shouted angrily. “You’re a disgrace.” A deathly silence in the pub followed as Wright left the venue while still filming.


Help me. I tried asking the PM a question and have been detained

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He was then approached by a police officer but Wright told him that he did nothing wrong and simply didn’t realise it was a private function. “I apologise for that,” he said. “But I just wanted to ask a question because I care about government and our area was incredibly impacted.”

Wright claimed that he had been detained in the TikTok’s caption. Just one hour after published the clip, he commented and confirmed the police had let him go.

Wright’s video has been widely shared and supported on social media, with Friendlyjordies retweeting it repeatedly on Twitter.

Morrison has been having a terrible time of it lately at pubs. Just last week, the PM was confronted by an angry local at a venue just outside Newcastle as a meet-and-greet went wrong.

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