The Friendlyjordies debacle has reached its nadir, its final stramash, by making it onto the infamous /relationship_advice Reddit.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Australia, you’ll have heard that it’s been a typically chaotic couple of weeks for Friendlyjordies, aka Jordan Shanks. First he was slapped with a defamation lawsuit from NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro. Then his producer Kristo Langker was arrested by NSW Police, which really escalated matters.

Now things are really kicking off though, after a young Aussie teenager posted to /relationship_advice asking for advice on how he and his girlfriend could get over their disagreement on Friendlyjordies, as per Pedestrian.TV.

The person titled his post: “Girlfriend [19F] and I [19M] are having large political disagreements.” The young man stated that while he disagrees with how Friendlyjordies “went about publishing his less than serious media about the Premiere,” he does actually “believe in what he is exposing and that John should be held accountable for all of these things.”

The issues with his girlfriend seemed to stem from the methods Friendlyjordies uses to take down his targets. “My partner is delegitimising my whole argument, solely because of the comedic aspect of his videos and how that ‘if he or you actually cared, you’d go about this the right way’, which means going to the media which Rupert Murdoch almost entirely owns and wants the Liberal National Party in power,” he wrote.

The Redditor ended his post: “I’ve tried so hard to understand her side of the argument, but I can’t get over the fact that she’s defending everything about the system, even though she hates the police. Am I crazy or is my line of thinking somewhat justified?”

After significant and weighty debate in the comments – this is Reddit after all – the man posted an update, saying that he’s split up with his partner.

We always knew Friendlyjordies was getting younger people into Aussie politics but doing so to the extent that a couple have broken up? That’s influence right there.

The original post has now gone but an archived version is available here.

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