FriendlyJordies’ latest video has addressed reports that he is being sued by NSW Premier John Barilaro for defamation, over two videos Barilaro alleges were part of a smear campaign against him.

As Sydney Morning Herald report, in a case filed with the Federal Court on Thursday, Barilaro claims to have been defamed in two Friendlyjordies videos: bruz and Secret Dictatorship, published on YouTube in September and October last year.

In the statement of claim, prepared by Sue Chrysanthou, SC, Mr Barilaro argues the videos incorrectly suggest he is “a corrupt conman”, “committed perjury nine times”, should be jailed for perjury, and “acted corruptly by engaging in the blackmailing of councillors”.

Mr. Barilaro alleges that there are “other defamatory and/or offensive videos” made by Friendlyjordies “evidencing the conduct of a smear campaign”. These videos saw the comedian refer to Mr Barilaro included “fat, decadent conman”, “scum” and “dangerously incompetent”.

Friendlyjordies, AKA Jordan Shanks, has also been accused of launching a “vile and racist attack” on Mr Barilaro’s Italian heritage. Shanks described Mr Barilaro as a “conman to the core, powered by spaghetti” and a “greasy Ned Kelly.” Whether he’s your cup of tea or not, you’ve got to admit he’d have been a weapon in the writer’s room for the “Christopher” episode of The Sopranos. 

In his latest video, Friendlyjordies claims to have found out about the impending defamation case through the media. “I had to find out in the press, what am I, a murder victim?” he said.

“Ever since John Barilaro declared his intentions to sue, as my Editor stated, it was like before they were playing a game of battleships and then all of sudden they were just like ugh, swiped it off the table, pressed the nuke button,” he continued in the video.

Elsewhere in the video, Shanks went on to address the recent resignation of New South Wales Labor Leader Jodi McKay, who announced on May 28th that she would be stepping down from her position to give the party “the best opportunity to heal and to move forward.”

You can watch it below.

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