Earlier this month, FriendlyJordies’ Jordan Shanks addressed reports that he is being sued by NSW Premier John Barilaro for defamation, regarding two videos which were filmed last year.

As stated by Sue Chrysanthou, SC, Mr Barilaro has argued that the videos in question incorrectly suggest he is “a corrupt conman”, “committed perjury nine times”, “acted corruptly by engaging in the blackmailing of councillors” and should be jailed for perjury.

And now following the alleged defamation claims, Jordan Shanks has once again taken to YouTube to announce that one of his employees has now been arrested.

Shanks says in the video, “For legal reasons I have to keep this video as straight-laced as I possibly can. My name is Jordan Shanks and I’m being sued by John Barilaro, the Deputy Premier of New South Wales.”

“Up until recently I’ve treated this legal problem with the levity it deserves, but in all honesty, every move I’ve made no matter how ridiculous it appeared, has been both legal and considered. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Deputy Premier, who has impulsively, maliciously escalated the situation at every turn, and in doing so, out clowned the clown.”

“I understood that the usual procedure for silence and dissent in a Western democracy is to outspend your opponent, legally or electorally. What I did not realise is that defence is quite literally paper thin. Australia does have its own secret police, and they get sent in very quickly, particularly when the skin is as thin as said paper.”

“On the 4th of June plain-clothed armed officers stormed into my employee’s home, violently assaulted his family, nearly killed his dog, pinned him to the ground, handcuffed him and dragged him into an unmarked police car.”

In Shanks’ video, footage of the arrest appears. For more on this topic, follow the Comedians Observer.

Watch the FriendlyJordies video below:

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