Who can imagine a world without Baby Yoda thanks to The Mandalorian?

This year it feels like we’ve only gotten to know him (for) better… or perhaps, for worse.

Among many things, we found out that his real name isn’t actually Baby Yoda, or The Child, but Grogu instead.

Then there was the time that he actually upset a lot of people, proving that he had the tendencies of an “insensitive little shit“.

But alas, we digress, we all forgave Baby Yoda for that indiscretion.

And now to be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving, we’ve received a brand new video straight from The Mandalorian director, Robert Rodriguez’ Twitter account.

According to Rodriguez, he says the video is a Christmas present to all those who asked him what it’s like to hang out with Baby Yoda on the set of The Mandalorian.

Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Baby Yoda?

Rodriguez obviously gets that, so he decided to give us all a short video to show us how The Child gets into the holiday spirit.

Yes, we’re talking 19 seconds short, but prepare yourself because it’s oh-so-sweet.

In the video you’ll see Rodriguez strumming his guitar, while they both (Baby Yoda included) – or shall we say Grogu, are perched on a rock.

While Rodriguez plays the guitar, Baby Yoda bops his tiny head and huge ears along, nodding and just straight vibing really.

And if you listen carefully, you can even hear Baby Yoda uttering something quietly.

After the 19 seconds is over, there’s a pretty big chance that you’ll end up basically having the video on loop. It’s that good.

Who’s wondering how Baby Yoda’s spending the holiday break? Eating macarons?

Who knows… but in the mean time we’ll just tuned for Baby Yoda’s next jam session sequel.