According to reports, ‘The Bachelor’ star Thomas Malucelli allegedly made ‘weird’ comments about some contestants with kids.

First, a bizarre seven-minute break-up video. Now, some alleged comments about contestants who had kids. Wonder what Thomas Malucelli will do next? 

On the January 15th episode of The Bachelor, Kiki Joell revealed to Malucelli that she had two children. Malucelli responded by telling the camera that he did not see himself ever becoming a step-father: he’d rather start his own family. 

As reported by So Dramatic!, it seems that this wasn’t the only time Malucelli allegedly dismissed contestants with kids. A source claiming to be close to the show told the publication: “Thomas got the ick from Marnie [Klippelt] when she told him that she was a mum. 

“She told him she was a mum of two, hoping that he would be accepting and he wasn’t. She opened up to him and he gave her nothing back.” the source claimed.

While this interaction was not televised, the source alleged it may have been the reason why Marnie did not get a rose from Malucelli during the Rose Ceremony. 

“He asked how old they were and that was about it. Then said he didn’t want to date someone who already has kids. He made a weird comment to her, something super-shamey like, ‘Oh you must have started young.’” the source claimed. “And that was it. He shut the convo down and didn’t give her a rose at the next Rose Ceremony.”

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This also apparently led to Marnie being pissed off with the producers, who ‘had gotten her children involved in the show, only to set her up with someone who doesn’t want children.’ 

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