The genius – and that word isn’t used lightly – behind the Bunnings jingle has finally been found and Australia is rejoicing.

In this age where the social media accounts for businesses try to be your buddy with their stinging bantering tweets, marketing is more important than it ever has been.

If you want to stand out, if you want people to choose your company over your rival, a memorable jingle is key. Perhaps Australia’s best example – hell, even the world – is the iconic jingle used for homeware and gardening titans Bunnings.

It’s so catchy that its bars remain locked in your mind for hours, days, weeks at a time. You watch their TV advert for just 20 seconds and then you’re humming it while brushing your teeth for the following month.

Jingles are a tough beast to conquer as well. Remember Go Compare? A lot of people do and a lot of people still hate it. Bunnings never annoys in that way though. It’s just too simple and fun, just too pleasant and amenable.

The theme has been used for over two decades but the mysterious person behind it has never been identified. They never stepped forward to take their place as the ‘Greatest Aussie’, overtaking even Steve Irwin.

No longer though. No longer. The helpful folk over at Gruen have hunted the hero down. The great news is that he’s just as cool as you were hoping.

In a short video posted to Gruen’s Twitter account, Trevor Hilton positions himself in front of an old and battered keyboard and explains the story behind the classic jingle.

“Yes, I wrote that jingle,” Hilton fondly recalls. “It was a nice sunny afternoon in 1995.”

Then he stretches those magic fingers and plays the anthem we all know and love, creator and creation joined in beautiful matrimony.

Who else is hungry for a snag after now?

Check out all Bunnings commercials from 1996-2011:

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