Come January 2020, the hybrid chocolate gods (aka Cadbury) will deliver a mash-up of two much loved treats – Twirl and Caramilk.

Caramilk hadn’t permanently sat on supermarket shelves since the 1990s, but it returned this October. Twirl, on the other hand, is an enduring favourite. It seems the hybrid will take the form of the Twirl – it’s a bar, not a block – and consist of Caramilk’s caramelised vanilla centre with Twirl topping.

Twirl: Australia’s favourite chocolate bar

In a statement, Cadbury’s Paul Chatfield explained the development of the product:

“We gave our chocolate makers the challenge of coming up with a new way to enjoy Caramilk chocolate, and what better way than to pair it with a coating of Australia’s favourite chocolate.”

It’s not even Cadbury’s first Caramilk mash-up in recent months. In October, Woolworths began stocking Philadelphia Caramilk Cream Cheese Spread.

Philadelphia Caramilk, anyone?

The Twirl Caramilk is set to permanently inhabit the choccy aisle come January 1 2020, just in time to help pull you out of your New Year’s hangover.