The sky is blue, the grass is green, Kyle Sandilands is still acting like an absolute gobshite.

In the latest installment of Kyle Sandilands’ never-ending saga of controversy, the shock jock has copped backlash after comparing watching soccer players at the Paralympics throw “themselves on the ground like sausages.”

“Have you been watching the special Olympics (sic), it is horrific some of the things,” he said during his Wednesday morning show on KIIS FM. “I saw some poor bloke who ran for the high jump and veered right because he was blind and landed on his arse, on the ground.”

He continued, “Then when they were playing soccer, the blind people, I was thinking, are you joking? They’re throwing themselves on the ground like sausages to block the ball.”

Elsewhere during the broadcast, Sandilands suggested that ‘Shake It’ by Metro Station should be used as the theme song for the games. He also said that he appreciated the “spirit of the contest” but rejected the notion that Paralympians work harder than Olympians.

He continued: “You can be nice to handicapped (athletes), but you don’t have to compare them to the non-handicapped. You don’t have to lift them up to be better than the non-handicapped.

In a statement provided to, The Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John called for Sandilands to be sacked.

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“Kyle’s comments are abhorrent, ignorant, and ableist,” he told “He has a long history of espousing hate and these comments are hurtful to disabled people. He needs to pull his head in and apologize to our athletes and the disability community.

“There is no place for ableism in our community, and these comments are the latest example of why Kyle should be sacked from his broadcasting roles.”