Kyle Sandilands has put out an unfortunately good advert in support of the COVID-19 vaccination and needs must, I suppose. 

While the government aren’t doing all they could be doing, some unexpected heroes have to emerge, including loudmouth radio host Sandilands.

And get this: his new advert urging us all to get vaccinated, it turns out, is actually decent. Titled ‘Get Vaxxed Baby, a play on the Vanilla Ice all-time classic ‘Ice Ice Baby’, it’s a bit of throwback fun that does the job. Sandilands even dad dances in the accompanying video clip as bad as you’d expect but hey, it’s for a worthy cause.

The viral rap video has been so successful that PM Scott Morrison praised it during a KIIS 106.5 interview on Friday morning, July 23rd, as per Sky News.

“I love Get Vaxxed Baby, I sent it to my kids last night and they loved it too,” Morrison said to Sandilands himself. “I appreciate you doing that very, very much and there are plenty of others doing the same thing, the TV networks they’re doing their thing and their promos … the more the merrier, it’s great.”

The video was also confirmed to be upcoming on TV by Sandilands. “I just got a word from the head of Channel 10 that they liked the song so much they’re going to play it as a community service announcement in their ad breaks on Channel 10 and MTV,” he revealed.

Now if the government would just step their public efforts to encourage people to get vaccinated. If only they’d follow Kyle Sandilands’ excellent example; now there’s something I never expected to write.

If you want to check your own eligibility for the Pfizer vaccine, simply head here for all the details.

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Watch Kyle Sandilands’ great vaccination advert below: