In a new interview, Marvel series What If…? director Bryan Andrews has revealed that Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman was keen for his character T’Challa to explore the Marvel Universe.

Andrews told Entertainment Weekly, “We were already thinking of finding a way to do spin-offs and stuff like that of him and his crew to have these wonderful adventures.”

“Because [while] the character was so different, you can keep some of the virtue and some of the integrity and all the other important aspects of T’Challa as we know him, Black Panther,” Andrews added. “Without necessarily the pressure of the kingdom Wakanda.”

“He wanted every chance he could to get T’Challa out there, and this was going to be one of those last chances,” Andrews said.

“He was a super pro and wonderful and super amazing and we had no idea, you know? He brought so much to the role and he was into it and fun.”

Boseman tragically passed away from a battle of colon cancer, a battle that Boseman fought privately for a long time.

In the interview, Andrews addressed Boseman’s terminal illness.

He said, “His excitement level was awesome because he knew what he was going through – we didn’t, similar to everybody except his closest inner circle.”

Earlier this year the release date for the Black Panther sequel was announced.

Locked in to be called, Wakanda Foreverthe sequel film sees the cast return to the world of Wakanda, set to release in cinemas on July 8th, 2022.

Production for the film is yet to go underway, so it only makes sense that its plot is yet to be revealed on any level.