Oh Chrissy Teigen, you really do love a bit of self-sabotage now and again. The commercialisation and commodification of Squid Game was an inevitability given its huge success – Teigen hosting a tone deaf party themed around the Netflix hit show about wealth inequality has not gone down well on social media.

Pictures – and criticism – have spread on social media after Teigen and her husband, John Legend, teamed up with party planners Wife of the Party to decorate their part with a Squid Game theme.

You remember the plot of Squid Game: hundreds of desperately debt-ridden people fight it out to the bloody death for a chance to win a lot of money and escape poverty, all while an audience of seedy wealthy, masked VIPs watch on gleefully.

Teigen and Legend’s party featured bunk beds, the signature maze staircase, the gleaming piggy bank, and other things from the show. Servers passed out food and drinks in the now-iconic pink jumpsuits that the guards wore.

While Legend dressed as one of the VIPs, his wife came as the scary ‘red light, green light’ doll, which was spotted down at Sydney Harbour recently.

It didn’t seem to be just a casual party though: guests appeared to play the actual roles of the show’s contestants, which Teigen ‘cutely’ described on her Instagram as “watching my friends fight to the death!” The prize? a flight to Napa and dinner for two at French Laundry.

Games at the part included “dunk tank, musical chairs, hide and seek followed by a very riveting final game of pin the tail on the donkey.”

While there’s nothing wrong with a bit of dress-up fun, it’s the tone deafness of Teigen and her extremely rich mates posing as desperately poor people that has riled many on social media. This is the person who cried about being relatable on Twitter, if you recall.

Teigen has previous with Korean cultural phenomenons. After watching Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece Parasite – similarly about wealth inequality and prevalent social issues – she tweeted her love of it.