Christian Hull has the perfect new board game to really keep those lockdown blues away but, be warned, it’s only for adults. 

The wonderfully-titled F*cked Up-opoly is the game for people with a f*cked up sense of humour. It’s the board game that’s actually fun and won’t cause months-long feuds between family members (I’m looking at you, Scrabble).

Adult Party Games Company first approached the comedian after seeing his ‘f*ck off’ shop do well and fulfilled a dream of Hull’s. He already had visions in mind for his ideal board game so the process from idea to creation didn’t take long at all. Hull wrote the ‘f*cked up’ parts and within months production was ready to go.

Hull wrote so many things that were too inappropriate but many still made it into the final game. The game contains hilarious action cards that make you perform crazy tasks. ‘Show the group your asshole’ is just one choice example, so be prepared to get down and dirty. Might want to have a few glasses of wine at the same time.

According to Smoke Mart Gift Box, it’s the best game they’ve ever had. Not only that, but it’s expected to be the best-selling game in Australia in 2021. And the game has been a big success – it sold out almost all of its online stock but Hull and the team have exciting plans for another big drop before Christmas.

Hull revealed on Instagram yesterday, July 30th, that F*cked Up-opoly is now ready to be gifted to the world. “Fucked Up-opoly is available to buy just head to the link in my bio,” he wrote on Instagram. “So excited for this launch. Next Wednesday it hits over 200 @giftboxau stores across Australia.”

‘F*cked Up-opoly is available in over 200 Giftbox stores around the country and a few copies are still left on the official Giftbox website.

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