Caramilk clearly won’t stop until its conquered the entire supermarket as it’s made the leap from the confectionary to the freezer aisle. 

It might still be winter but Cadbury’s latest product launch looks too good to pass up. Caramilk Caramilk Sticks will start being sold in Aussie supermarkets such as Woolies and Coles this week.

Filled with a smooth ice cream centre, coated in luxurious caramelised white chocolate, the iconic chocolate bar is now the frozen treat of your dreams. Craving a snack while you watch the Tokyo Olympics? These will definitely do the trick.

And if they’re good enough for Christian Hull, comedian and world-renowned Caramilk Expert, they’re good enough for us. He posted a picture of himself eating the Cadbury Caramilk Sticks earlier today, July 25th, and shared his excitement about the frozen dessert.

“Cadbury Caramilk Sticks (made from real Caramilk) are here and it feels like I’ve been waiting for this day my entire life,” Hull wrote. “I was sent not one, not ten, but forty Caramilk Sticks in frozen form. Being the Caramilk expert of Australia I diligently examined each bar for flavour, texture and consistency. Later in the week I will be dropping my review. I will need to consume all 40 of these to make sure my review is accurate. Stay tuned..”

As it stands, they’re very reasonably priced – you can grab a Caramilk Sticks in packs of four for $8.50 or if that’s too much (although why would it be?) you can get one for $4. If only Cadbury would send me a pack of 40 like they sent to Hull. Life’s just not fair.

And as Cadbury Caramilk continues its ascendency in Aussie culture, I personally can’t wait to see what comes next. 2 litre tubs of Cadbury Caramilk Ice Cream? You heard it here first.

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