We’ve all fallen victim to retail issues of all shapes and sizes at some point in our lives.

Whether it’s the meth that was found in a jacket at a Melbourne Target store, or the not-so-nice Kmart trampolines for sale across the nation, we sure aren’t prone to problems in store or online.

One perhaps royal f**k up, though, has gotta be this bad boy.

Perth Coles customer Zoe Callis ordered vegan burger patties, only to receive a substitute of Premium Beef Mince patties. Perhaps if she weren’t vegan, and had a purpose to purchase these burgers, there wouldn’t be such a problem here. But, lo and behold, the internet has gone wild in her defence.

Taking to the popular Vegans In Australia Facebook group, Callis said, “Yeah I mean this is really inconvenient considering I am a vegan.”

Rather irate, as you would be, she ends her post with, “Thanks Coles,” which is accompanied by a screenshot of the email she received from the grocery giant.

The less-than-personalised email ‘apologises’ for the matter. “This email is a notification that unfortunately, some of the items you ordered are unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Check out the email the vegan customer received from Coles:

Callis’ purchase, The Alternative Meat Co.’s Mince 400g was bizarrely enough replaced by Harvey Beef Premium Mince 500g. So, she gets more of the mince, but not one she can eat. Nice one Coles.

As you’d expect, Facebook, namely the vegan community her issue was posted in, has gone crazy.

One user said “they deliberately did that, they know it is vegan mince..,” while another said “I don’t understand why this keeps happening all the time like obviously if we wanted real meat we would buy it!! How stupid can these people be to put meat in an obvious vegan/ vegetarian order!”

A somewhat more tame user said “You should be able to tick a box on your order that says you don’t want substitutuons made. Too late now, but next time.”

But why did they get it so wrong? Well, it actually comes down to unticking an auto-substitutions box when at the checkout stage. This way, should there be any problems finding stock of your product, they’ll refund you instead of giving you something you’re not pleased with.

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