With the upcoming same-sex marriage plebiscite, many politicians have been making their pleas to the Australian people in regards to how they should vote. In response to a video from ABC News which shows former Prime Minister Tony Abbott calling for Australian to vote ‘no’ to end political correctness, Andrew Stone has criticised politicians for trying to play into the innate fears of the Australian public in order to sway voter’s opinions.

This is the scariest part of what’s coming… Tony et al are going to be making the debate about everything other than gay marriage. Most people already support gay marriage, but Prop 8 in California [an American constitutional amendment that eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry] got up despite majority public support for gay marriage. That complacency will kill this.

Here’s how it’s going to go – they’ll make it about Safe Schools, the ‘gay lifestyle’ encroaching on your ‘traditional values’ and make it out to be a culture war between the inner city Greens/annoying activists and ‘Real Australia’. They’ll make it about how this is ‘Political Correctness gone mad’ and you hate political correctness don’t you? They’ve been gearing up for this for years – they’re going to confuse people enough so what once looked overwhelmingly popular is watered down.

No one who is sharing pro gay messages on Facebook is reaching out to the confused middle ground in this debate – but Tony, Cory, and the Australian Christian Lobby know exactly where to find them and how to scare them. Don’t underestimate the other side on this, this is exactly what they wanted and how they planned it.

Go and check your enrolment. Talk to your family about what they think. Ask them what their friends think. Don’t be complacent and just share this with all your mates on Facebook who already agree with you.

The only consequence of Gay Marriage is that gay people will get married (and the world will be a better place for it). Don’t let the other side make it about anything else and confuse the issue – it’s madness, but it’s calculated madness which just might work and it has worked before.

You can view the video that Andrew Stone’s comments were made in regard to below.

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