A Sydney council has put forward a plan to block traffic in a select few streets in the area so that kids spend more time outside.

The Inner West Council plans to introduce a new “play streets” program. The program is set to be trialled on two streets in the inner west from April or May. These play streets would be completely or partially closed to through-traffic for a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

The council are introducing this initiative to offer a solution to families who live in homes with little or no backyard. They are also driven to get more people outside and away from technology, boost the health of residence and foster community.

“The idea of ‘play streets’ is to give our kids a taste of the kind of play we remember from our childhoods – by providing a safe and fun outdoor play space for kids in a home environment – right outside the front door.” Councillor Anna York has shared with Sydney Morning Herald.

The trial is modelled off street-play programs that have been executed in Britain and the United States. As a result of a global push to make residential streets in cities a safe space for children to play.

Playing in the street with kids is a right of passage that every child should experience. It teaches you invaluable life skills, like how to deal with ratbag children named Jaxton that have a taste for clipping other kids in the heels with a Razor scooter. Growing up on the streets of the inner west is an experience I wouldn’t change for anything. My fondest childhood memories come in the form of exchanging deformed Salvation Army toys with my neighbourhood friends.