I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the complete conquering that Baby Yoda has had over our collective hearts. His allure has permeated into every nook and cranny of our everyday lives. He is omnipresent.

So pungent is his attraction that he has managed to weasel his way to the realm of Christmas treats. As Mashable reports, Geologist Katy Atakturk was in the process of making plain jane sugar cookies when she experienced an epiphany.

Upon retrieving her angel cookie cutter she realised, “conforming to the norm wasn’t going to cut it.”

The star wars enthusiast made the decision to relinquish the dinner table of the angel iconography that has had it in a cuckhold for too long. Instead, she was going to use the festive season to celebrate Baby Yoda in all his infinite cherub-like jest. The only thing left to do was make like King Henry VIII and decapitate a bunch of angels heads.

“When I made the decision to chop off the angel heads to form the Baby Yoda cut out, I actually made my boyfriend do the dirty work for decapitating the angels while I was busy rolling out and forming new Baby Yoda bodies,” Atakturk shared with Mashable. “I didn’t want the weight of that dirty work on my hands, also it was date night and #teamwork.”

Decapitated Baby Yoda Angels
Photo: Mashable. When angels die they are reincarnated as Baby Yoda

After the angels were guillotined, the only thing left to do was pipe the bastards with food colouring. The key to Baby Yoda realism is in the “tiny specks of white frosting placed in the corner with a toothpick for added cuteness.”

It’s just perfect. You can read more about it here.

In related Baby Yoda news, someone recently immortalised The Mandolin character forever in the form of a tattoo. Of course, this is 2019 and you really have to amalgamate all corners of meme discourse to even make a ripple on the internet. So this inked depiction of Yoda features him nestling a White Claw.

In 2020 I think we should all make a sacred pact to leave meme tattoos in the past.