Emails exchanged between Australian Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm and her ex-music teacher that have been deemed inappropriate have been released after the teacher lost his license over the matter.

Malcolm drew attention to the misconduct she suffered while a student at the prestigious Perth all-girls Methodist Ladies’ College in an emotional video on social media on Saturday. Her former teacher Aurelio ‘Bobby’ Gallo was found to have committed ‘serious misconduct’ by the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia in August and had his teaching license revoked by Western Australia’s State Administrative Tribunal at the hearing.

“I don’t really know how to say this but I’m just going to come out and say it,” Malcolm said in the clip. “Today it became public knowledge that my high school music teacher lost his teacher’s licence in Western Australia for three years.

“He lost it for serious misconduct against a student whilst he was teaching them, and I am that student. I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to waive my right to anonymity because I was a minor when it all happened.

“But you know I’m not a minor anymore. I’m still in shock, I’m still processing and I’ve definitely had a lot of feelings today. I’m all over the place. I just want to say to my fellow survivors out there: you’re not alone, you’re stronger than you can possibly imagine, and the future is waiting for you.”

On Monday, Gallo had his teaching license revoked in Queensland, in addition to Western Australia, and was stood down as head of performing arts at John Paul College in Logan, Queensland, where he now works.

Now, some of the emails that the music teacher sent Malcolm have been shared in a document published by the teaching board over Gallo’s conduct.

The tribunal document stated that the teacher asked Malcolm, who was a teenager at the time, to send him photos, meet him for dinner and accept his Skype request.

In one of the emails, sent to Malcolm in 2009, the teacher questioned why she hasn’t sent him topless photos.

‘”Glad to hear that you are being looked after and also becoming aware of people,’ he wrote.

‘”Unfortunately you don’t always see what you need to. The second hand accommodation news was courtesy of [name of another teacher], who went on to tell me that she spoke to you for an hour and inform of the topless photos which you obviously didn’t send me!!! Why not may I ask!”

In another email, the music teacher signed off with the words, “Love Mr Gallo”.

“I hope you and your family are having a well deserved rest,’ he wrote. ‘I sincerely wish you a safe and holy Christmas and special new year,” he wrote.

“By the way thanks for the birthday wish – NOT. Love Mr Gallo – sorry I mean regards Mr Gallo.”

Malcom, who graduated at the end of 2008, went on to become a Victoria’s Secret model in 2015 and has since worked for major international brands including Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney. She has also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Playboy and Elle.

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